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Spring Digital led Western Pump’s leadership team through a series of branding and goal exercises, culminating in the creation of the company’s first-ever brand guide, which included new logos, brand assets, and digital identity. 

From there, the team designed and developed a new custom, modern website. This served as the foundation of Western Pump’s digital marketing growth strategy and new marketing endeavors. The Spring Digital team developed a comprehensive site map and new content, and delivered concepts based on the new design guidelines. Throughout this process, emphasis was placed on optimizing the new digital presence for speed, user experience, and mobile friendliness, in addition to adhering to standard SEO and ADA best practices.

Quickly after launch, the new site was welcomed by their industry as a digital standout. Western Pump almost immediately saw a significant increase in site traffic, site engagement, and lead capture. Since completing this project, Spring Digital now provides full-service marketing to Western Pump and its growing cache of sister companies. 

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