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While Spring Digital has provided Miguel’s Jr. with an extensive range of digital marketing services, our primary focus from the beginning was to emphasize local engagements, particularly through Google Business Profiles and Local Ads. Miguel’s Jr. requires effective multi-location marketing as a strategic approach to ensure that its various locations cater to the  specific preferences of customers in each area. The goal here was to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of their marketing campaigns. In the quick-service space decisions are made swiftly. While improved branding was of course needed, our goal was to capture people in the moment of the decision-making process of where to grab a quick bite to eat. 

We began by testing with a specific group of stores that had been performing sub-par to see if improvements could quickly be made at individual QSR levels. This involved overhauling their local store business profiles and focusing on paid search in local platforms. 

Local SEO, Search Engine Business Profiles and Knowledge Graphs via Google Business, Bing Business, Facebook and Yelp Business are significant lead-generation opportunities for businesses that properly utilize the platforms. Search engines continue to prioritize the features that they offer and have been building these platforms to better serve businesses. Over 70% of searches do not result in a click to any website, as people find the information they seek on the business listings, eliminating the need to visit a website. 

Miguel’s Jr. had a substantial opportunity in this area, as its Knowledge Graphs and search engine business profiles were underutilized. Within two months each of the test stores saw a significant uptick in traffic, ticket orders, and order values. Following the successful test, we implemented the same practices for all stores, resulting in 55% of their new foot traffic being acquired through this marketing method.


Increase in Site Visitors via Google Business Profile During 6 Month Period


Increase in Website Goal Completions via Google Business Profile during 6 Month Period


Increase in Store Visits (From Ads) Over 5 Years


Increase in Driving Direction Requests (From Ads) Over 5 Years


Decrease in Cost per Conversion (Store Visits or Driving Requests)

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