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This is a big question with hundreds of possible answers. The first place to look is your business’s website.

Is your site modern and updated frequently? Is it mobile-friendly, fast, secure, ADA compliant?  Is it built on a mass market platform — think Squarespace or Wix — which tends not to rank well in search results? Does the website have ample text, links, pages, and relevant keywords? Competitors’ websites may be edging out yours with paid ads or behind-the-scenes search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Achieving a high search ranking calls for a creative and thorough approach. At Spring Digital, we’ve helped over a hundred businesses clinch the top spot.

We’re glad you asked. A digital marketing agency creates and executes a strategy for marketing a business online. This strategy includes many moving parts. Here are just a few:

  • Designing or optimizing a business’s website
  • Fine-tuning branding for consistency and appeal
  • Generating written content (articles, press releases, blogs)
  • Leveraging social media platforms
  • Using expertise to game search engine algorithms in your favor
  • Interpreting data about who is clicking ads and if they’re buying

At Spring Digital, our team includes graphic designers, SEO strategists, web developers, writers, social media managers, and more. We explore every digital marketing avenue to find solutions for your business.

SEO is a lot of work — so much that it’s a field and specialty in itself. Using SEO practices can boost any size business in search rankings. A higher search rank leads to more website traffic, which can translate to more customers. In a nutshell: Yes, it’s worth it.

Trying to learn SEO yourself while running a business may not be worth it, though. There’s a glut of information available, but most of it is out of date, as search engines are always changing their algorithms. The more cost-effective approach is to hire experts who are on the pulse of today’s SEO strategy.

Local digital marketing uses the internet to market a business to its specific town, city, or area. We can target online or social media ads so that they show up more often in locals’ searches and feeds. We also utilize local search profiles such as Google Business Profile and Bing Places to enhance findability in local searches.

Definitely. Global ad spending on social media ads alone totals more than $200 billion, and that number is rising. Plus, social media marketing campaigns provide some of the most useful analytics and marketing data money can buy.

It is important to change the mindset of how much a digital marketing agency costs, to how much more you will be able to achieve and grow by engaging with one. Marketing is not an expense line item, but instead is your profit center. 

As a full-service agency, Spring Digital typically requires engagement in a few different service areas, so that our clients will realize optimal return on their investment. As experts in our field, you are hiring a team to further your organization’s goals, leads, and sales. Spring Digital builds custom marketing strategies for a range of budgets. 

Hard data is essential to any marketing plan. Platforms that offer paid ads, such as Facebook or Google, provide data on how individual ads perform across certain demographics. Modern websites also collect and store data on who visits the site, where they arrive from, how long they spend browsing, and if they ultimately buy.

Branding shows the world what your business is about at a glance. The biggest marketing budget in the world won’t show results without a strong foundation of branding.

Consumers respond to consistent, clear, frequent messages that tell them exactly what to expect from a company. Great branding also resonates with them on a personal level, creating long-term loyalty. Even details as simple as packaging material or brochures are branding opportunities.

Digital marketing is all about standing out in a sea of internet content. Before you can stand out, you have to study what others are already doing. The online landscape is always changing, so market research is never done. The best digital marketing strategies are flexible enough to respond to shifts as they happen.

A good business website should have the right number of pages, intuitive user interfaces, engaging written copy, strong design that reflects branding, and easy ways for consumers to engage and spend money. It should also run well on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to older PCs.

Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes into making a great website. Let Spring Digital’s web development and UI/UX experts create an optimized web presence for you.

Funnels are pages on a business’s website designed to turn visitors into customers. When implemented well, funnel pages direct site visitors to a sales page for high conversion rates.

Spring Digital is a team of experts with decades of digital marketing experience between us. Reach out here to start with a discovery call and begin to accelerate your business’s growth.